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Things To Do In Romania

Romania is located in the intersection of Southeastern and Central Europe. It also shares a border with Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Serbia. Vivacious Romania is full of immense natural beauties. The mountainous and hilly Romania has an abundant gorgeous landscaping. It has many captivating water falls, vegetation, mountain peaks, national parks and many more to name a few. The natural beauty of Romania is beyond description. Magnificent Romania is molded in such a way that one cannot overlook its striking natural scenery. The rich Romanian culture and its scenic beauty give an unforgettable experience to visitors coming from across the world. After visiting Romania one will certainly have an enjoyable experience but a hiring car will make one’ happiness fourfold.

By Hiring a cars, travelers can visit a number of beautiful places, such as Berca Mud Volcanos, Biertan, Black Sea Coast, Bran Castle, Bucharest, Ceausescu’s Palace of Parliament, Fagaras mountain range, Constanta, Cycle, Maramures and Painted Monasteries etc. The driver can explain about every historical and popular place based in Romania. Visitors can ask their queries to their drivers regarding various popular places and the driver also can give satisfactory answers in a very friendly manner. On renting a car, one can enjoy each and every moment without any confusion or missing any place

As a first time visitor, if one wants a hassle free travel experience, then one will have to rent a car to make one’s journey more relaxing. Don’t forget to visit the following popular tourist spots in Romania as mentioned below:

Berca Mud-Volcanos : It is located near Buazu. Tourists can see a number of mud volcanoes and bubbling mud. It is one of the famous geological and botanical reserves in Romania.

Biertan: It is one of the Transylvania’s Saxon fortified churches that stands at the top of the hill. It has been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Ceausescu’s Palace of Parliament: It is the second largest building in the world next to the Pentagon and the most beautiful tourist place. It has 1000 rooms, including 4 restaurants, 30 saloons, 440 offices, 2 underground parking lots and 3 libraries.

By hiring a well-equipped and comfortable car, one must visit the Transylvania, which is surrounded by the Carpathians mountains. The Transylvania is famous for ski resorts, spa centers, good hotels and a great nightlife in the big cities like Cluj-Napoca, Brașov and Sibiu.

Tourists who want to visit Romania must visit the Danube Delta. Visitors will certainly gain a thrilling experience after visiting the mind-blowing scenario. Visitors will be hypnotized by the wildlife, vegetation and natural flora and fauna of the Danube Delta. It is very rare of the rarest beautiful places that exist in the world.

Peles Castle is an another impressive tourist place in Romania. An enchanting peles castle was made from large crystals. It was built in 1914 by a monarch in purpose of merrymaking. It has a number of long rooms such as the theater room, council room, arms room and living room.

There are a lot of things that a visitor never miss in Romania using rental cars. But as a first time visitor, if visitors travels without a rented car, then they will miss a lot of beautiful scenery and magnificent landscape in every moment.

While driving in Romania, the driver and the passengers should fasten their seat belts. One should always avoid using cell phones and should drive in his own light. Otherwise one may get caught by the traffic.

The experience of visiting Romania with a rental car is the most convenient way of enjoying Romania’s Scenic beauty and to store it in one’s memory for the rest of life.