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The Beautiful City of Morocco

A major city of morocco with the beautiful architecture and high density of population. Agadir is having a number of beaches with warm temperature in summer and cold in winter. It was unfortunately destroyed by the earthquake in the 1960’s and it is said that more than 15,000 were dead in this ruthless situation. After this, Agadir has rebuilt again with the retention of old architectures in morocco. The city located on the shoreline of Atlantic Ocean and in the south where the Sous River flows into the ocean with turning warped stream.

The complete inhabitants of Agadir were 609,088 according to the survey of Government in 2013 and the overall population of the Prefecture of Agadir-Ida Outanane was 487,954 inhabitants. Cultural and traditional values are at their peak here in this beautiful city. People of this city are quite good to talk and exceptional in manners. Since 2010, it’s been offering a lot of cheapest flights and routes with the advanced amenities and a Motorway from Tangiers is built by the rulers which reduce the miles distance into a short period of time covered by any travelers.

The food items are quite tasty and economical in this city. Every visitor who get a chance to spend their cheap morocco holidays 2017 in this city, will be highly thankful to the local guides who guided them to such a great place. For North European travels, Agadir beaches and its climate allow them to enjoy and feel comfy here. Many guests come in this city to soak up the light of the sun on the sandy beautiful golden beaches. Enjoying a highly appreciated view of lighthouse in Agadir by everyone and asking the guides for more places like this is a general routine here now.

A tour of the traditional city, the most amazing shopping of the ancient things in the bazaars of Agadir will make you feel that you got the best holidays ever in your life. Surfing, trekking, retreats and music festivals are packed in the mind of visitors of Agadir for the amazing time of their lives.

On the coastline that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea, golden beaches with the heat of sun present a great enjoyable view and attract to everyone who walks around. A chain of seaside towns along the Morocco’s Atlantic coast makes this place remarkable with the great surfers in the sea. Taghazout and Mazagan are best seasides and considered as an ideal location for visitors.