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Romantic Destinations in the World

There are some beautiful areas, perfect to fall in love… If you are looking rekindle the flames with a romantic getaway, you can choose from the breathtaking beaches of the Maldives to the charming hotels of Florence, these destinations are fantastic for share lovely memories with your significant other.

Santorini, Greece.

Santorini is located on the southern tip of the Cyclades, today is one of the most popular island in Greece, especially for newlyweds and couples. Home to the uniquely Greek white and blue-domed churches, stunning cliffs and unique landscapes as well as the most beautiful sunsets makes this Greek place a paradise for couples.

The Maldives

The Maldives is just the perfect and idyllic spot for honeymooners and couples. This beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean offers beautiful views of the ocean and sunshine throughout the year. This stunning island is the perfect spot for celebrities, even royals, thanks to its romantic atmosphere and luxurious resorts.

Florence, Italy

This beautiful city of Italy, is not only stunning but also a romantic place. Together with your significant other you can enjoy romantic strolls on the Ponte Vecchio along the Arno River while admiring the sunset. Special cafeterias, lovely restaurants as well as unique and historical landmarks, Florence is full of romantic plans. Certainly, if you want to experience the best of the city you must check out romantic accommodation in the center of Florence in order to explore and discover the real atmosphere of Florence…


Phuket and Krabi lie in the southwest coast of Thailand and attracts many couples as well as honeymooners from across the world. These beautiful islands are just perfect for rekindle the flames. These islands area also close to other chic locations like Surin and Kamala, both full of luxurious resorts set in breathtaking bays.

Paris, France

Paris is certainly a destination that must be on any list of the most romantic destinations in the world. “Love-Locking Bridges”, romantic walks along the Seine, share a coffee by the Eiffel Tower… certainly the capital of France offers a vast array of romantic plans. Paris is so romantic that even the cemetery provides a unique spot for share your love… just remember “Until Death Do us part”. Strolling hand in hand across “Pere-Lachaise” for some odd reason is something romantic… After all this is France.