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Oman Adventure Sports

The benefits of sports have been expounded at length by enthusiasts and scientists and every year, new advantages of such activities are being constantly discovered. Such benefits often include mental advantages such as an improved confidence, stress related benefits while sports also benefit physically by helping you lose weight, improve posture and body shape.

Engaging in sporting endeavours as a child would also have helped develop a number of social benefits such as meeting people and making friends as well as personal qualities such as co-operation and a degree of healthy competitiveness. Nevertheless, even after you become an adult, these benefits do not cease. As a result, when visiting a country especially like Oman, whether you are visiting the state for business or pleasure, engaging in some healthy sporting activities will definitely not harm you and will add variety to your holiday.

For instance, the mountainous terrain of Oman as well as its deserts, offer tourists, travellers, businessmen and explorers with the option of engaging in a number of activities. Thus, one such obvious choice is definitely hiking and trekking. The terrain of the state allows for a number of beautiful trekking trails around its mountains and depending on your competency, a trail can easily be found for your convenience. This is true especially in the Western Hajar Mountains, an important eco region location found a stunning two thousand meters above sea level and is the only one of its kind in the sub-continent.

Other options in terms of sporting ventures include abseiling, mountain biking, kayaking and of course, for the truly adventurous: rock climbing. The vicinity of the Arabian ocean also gives Oman a home advantage in terms of sporting options and gives their guests the choice of water sports as well. As the coastal waters are fairly well preserved, guests can choose to enjoy beautiful coral reefs that dot the coast via diving or snorkelling from Muscat, the Daminiyat Islands and even Musandam.

For those who want to reside in a Muscat hotel which enjoys proximity to the ocean, the Millennium Resort Mussanah is definitely an option worth consideration. This Oman Muscat hotel boasts of spectacular views of the Gulf of Oman and the Hajar Mountains and offers its guests the privilege of unwinding on a private beach as well.