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Sightseeing in the Caribbean

The Caribbean comprises of over 700 islands, islets, reefs and cays. The region is renowned for its diversity of terrestrial and marine flora and fauna amongst which is eight percent of the world’s coral reefs. With all these natural resources at its disposal, the region offers unparalleled sightseeing opportunities. Additionally many historic landmarks going back several centuries add to the sightseeing experience.

One of the most enduring pictures of the Caribbean is its gorgeous beachfront scenery from pristine white sand dotted with palm trees to the pink sands of the Bahamas, the black sand of St Lucia lapped at by clear warm blue water. Although some Caribbean beaches are a little rougher than others, they all provide sightseers with stunning views, idyllic places to laze in the sun and valuable opportunities to indulge in some water sports.

Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests and natural landmarks of the Caribbean isles are the other much lauded attractions. Among them are active and dormant volcanoes in the Lesser Anitilles group of islands. The most visited is probably La Soufriere the ‘drive in’ active volcano in St Lucia. The regions’ different forest types with flowering plants and tree species are also a joy to explore. Many have hiking trails. St John’s National Park in US Virgin Islands and El Yunque the 28,000 acre rainforest in Puerto Rico are some of these. Limestone caves are also among the popular natural attractions here while Harrison’s Cave in Barbados is one of the most visited. The largest of its kind, visitors board an electric tram to explore the vast cave system that has spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, a 40 foot waterfall and clear pools and streams.

Among the waterfalls is Diamond Mineral Falls in St Lucia. The result of underground sulphur springs, the waterfall is famous for changing colours throughout the day. Dunn’s River Falls Jamaica, a series of waterfalls dropping from 600 feet is a very popular natural attraction.

The Caribbean’s coastal and underwater scenery as well as marine life is probably its biggest attraction. The caverns and tidal pools among the huge boulders by the sea in the British Virgin Islands referred to as The Baths is a favourite with snorkelers and explorers. Sting Ray City in the Grand Caymans where divers encounter hundreds of tame stingrays at 12 feet has been an extremely popular sightseeing destination for a long time. Non divers get to ride out to a sand bar to snorkel or just stand in the shallow water among the sting rays. Bio Bay a shallow bay surrounded by mangrove forests in Vieques is famous for its micro organisms that emit a blue green light reportedly stronger than a flashlight. Sightseers can swim, kayak or take a trip on an electric boat to see this astounding sight. Buck Island Reef in St Croix has been called ‘the finest marine garden in the Caribbean Sea’. This extraordinary coral reef system is made up of several species of hard coral supports more than 250 species of fish and other marine creatures including leatherback, green and hawks bill turtles. One of the most prominent underwater sights however is the Belize Great Barrier Reef, the longest in the Americas.

The abundance of colonial historic sites means that the Caribbean offers some of the most interesting historic sightseeing. The colonial cities of Havana, Trinidad, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, the fortifications of St Juan Puerto Rico, the city of Willemstad in Curacao, St Kitts Brimstone Hill Fortress and the town of St George in Bermuda are the most prominent Caribbean historic destinations. The sites date from end of the 15th century to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Accessed only by boat, Parrot Cay Turks and Caicos provides much sought after privacy and seclusion and offers a thousand ha area and a mile long beach to explore and enjoy the sun and sea. As the only Turks and Caicos beach resort guests can enjoy spacious modern accommodation and a relaxed lifestyle. This Turks and Caicos Luxury resorts offers exceptional services and facilities and Asian inspired therapies to sooth, restore and nourish and guests leave knowing they have had a one of a kind holiday experience.

The Mirror Wall in Sigiriya

Sigiriya said to be the capital of a 5th century monarch of Sri Lanka is noted as one of the best preserved examples of urban planning anywhere in the world. It is also known for its frescos, water, boulder and terraced gardens and the mirror wall. In its heyday this wall is said to have been so highly polished that the king could see a clear image of himself in it.

The mirror wall is by a two meter wide walkway leading to the main entrance and through it to the top of the rock. It is protected from the elements by a rocky overhang. The wall also protects the outer edge of the narrow walkway. The lime, plaster and brick masonry wall, burnished to a high degree was apparently built to reflect the frescos on the opposite wall. It remains burnished to this day with surface texture, colour and evenness of paint applied long ago remaining almost intact. The wall is also perfectly vertical and smooth and its curvature hardly noticeable, that it looks flat to the casual observer. While the techniques used to achieve the sheen and its quality of construction are highly appreciated, its value is in the verses scratched on to it by the many ancient visitors who wished to leave some record of their trip to a fabulous historical site.

The first verses were apparently scratched on to the wall between the 6th and 7th centuries CE. A total of 1500 writings have now been deciphered and they include jottings all the way up to the 14th century. These casual writings are now considered some of the earliest works of poetry in Sinhala and are of outstanding literary value. They also offer a commentary on society through the centuries and a record of the people who wrote them, the language and modes of expression. Many of the writings are dedicated to the ladies in the frescos while others are about those who came to Sigiriya to view the art, architecture and garden design. It is interesting that as long ago as 1400 years Sigiriya was considered a special place well worth visiting.

Stay in a site redolent with history at one of the hotels Sigiriya while having easy access to many of the country’s other cultural gems. Enjoy spacious and modern accommodation at this hotel in Sigiriya and facilities and services that include relaxing ayurvedic spa therapies, dining on locally sourced fresh produce, onsite leisure facilities and a range of outdoor activities that include elephant treks and hikes through rural landscapes and hot air ballooning. As one of longstanding and prominent hotels Sigiriya guests are assured of comforts and services that are second to none.

The Arabic Museum of Modern Art

The Arabic Museum of Modern Art or Mathaf as it is popularly known is the first institution in Qatar to offer modern and contemporary art from an Arab perspective. The exhibits are intended to inspire creativity and bring forth new ideas.

Housed temporarily in 5,500 sq meters of a converted school building in Doha’s Education City complex it holds a collection of more than 6000 paintings, sculptures and mixed media work from every Arab country. The works are displayed in twelve galleries and in the grounds of the museum. The collection offers an overview of modern art in the Middle East from the mid 19th century to the present. It was donated by the artist and collector Sheik Hassan bin Mohamed bin Ali al Thani to the Qatar Foundation and was acquired by the Qatar Museum Authority. Mathaf was opened to the public in 2010.

Visitors are introduced to the art works straight away with many large sculptures being displayed in the museum’s forecourt. A granite sculpture entitled Guardian of the Fertile Crescent, featuring two seated figures is the most imposing piece of work in the museum forecourt. The Ship, a sculpture in pink and black granite adorned with bronze animal, bird, plant and human sculptures is another impressive work displayed in the forecourt.

Inside is a soaring well lit lobby that leads to a succession of galleries. In addition to the 6000 works in the permanent collection are paintings, sculpture, photographs, video, multimedia installations and interactive digital art commissioned by Mathaf from 23 artists with connections to the Arab world. The themes addressed in the multitude of works range from family, politics and society to 20th century civic struggles in the Arab World. Cityscapes, portraits and text based art also features prominently. Artists from around the Arab World are represented here and the eclectic collection has something that appeals to everyone.

Works displayed according to themes include Doha featuring paintings by artists who have stayed in the city, Individualism showcases self portraits and portraits of influential Arab personalities, Horoufiyah portrays works using Arabic letters as abstract forms, City, features streetscapes of the region, Struggle, features upheavals and protests in modern Arab history.

The museum holds exhibitions throughout the year to showcase the work of new and well known Qatari and regional artists.

The museum premises have a book and souvenir shop, an outdoor cafe, a library, an artist’s workshop and research facilities.

Kingsgate Hotel Doha offers an excellent location with easy access to city attractions, business and shopping areas. This Doha Qatar hotel that is more of an apart-hotel offers a selection of guest rooms and suites with fully equipped kitchenettes in additional to standard room equipment. Stay at this hotel Doha to enjoy its many convenient features suited for business or leisure visits.

Oman Adventure Sports

The benefits of sports have been expounded at length by enthusiasts and scientists and every year, new advantages of such activities are being constantly discovered. Such benefits often include mental advantages such as an improved confidence, stress related benefits while sports also benefit physically by helping you lose weight, improve posture and body shape.

Engaging in sporting endeavours as a child would also have helped develop a number of social benefits such as meeting people and making friends as well as personal qualities such as co-operation and a degree of healthy competitiveness. Nevertheless, even after you become an adult, these benefits do not cease. As a result, when visiting a country especially like Oman, whether you are visiting the state for business or pleasure, engaging in some healthy sporting activities will definitely not harm you and will add variety to your holiday.

For instance, the mountainous terrain of Oman as well as its deserts, offer tourists, travellers, businessmen and explorers with the option of engaging in a number of activities. Thus, one such obvious choice is definitely hiking and trekking. The terrain of the state allows for a number of beautiful trekking trails around its mountains and depending on your competency, a trail can easily be found for your convenience. This is true especially in the Western Hajar Mountains, an important eco region location found a stunning two thousand meters above sea level and is the only one of its kind in the sub-continent.

Other options in terms of sporting ventures include abseiling, mountain biking, kayaking and of course, for the truly adventurous: rock climbing. The vicinity of the Arabian ocean also gives Oman a home advantage in terms of sporting options and gives their guests the choice of water sports as well. As the coastal waters are fairly well preserved, guests can choose to enjoy beautiful coral reefs that dot the coast via diving or snorkelling from Muscat, the Daminiyat Islands and even Musandam.

For those who want to reside in a Muscat hotel which enjoys proximity to the ocean, the Millennium Resort Mussanah is definitely an option worth consideration. This Oman Muscat hotel boasts of spectacular views of the Gulf of Oman and the Hajar Mountains and offers its guests the privilege of unwinding on a private beach as well.

The Destination of Rajasthan

The destination as well grabs eye of wildlife lovers with some of world renowned wildlife sanctuaries & national parks.

Rajasthan tour packages are the best option to avail for vacationers and tourists looking for memorable experience of sightseeing and vacationing. Some of the amazing and exotic destinations in this regal state to spend your mesmerizing vacations are Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur Jaiselmer, Bikaner, Pushkar, Ranthambhore, Alwar, etc. Touring these cities will give you an opportunity to explore some of the most amazing sites of the country including ancient forts, temples and palaces, besides the exciting Camel Safari.


The ‘Pink City’ of India, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and very renowned destination in the country. The place is worth visiting as offer many of tourist attractions including City Palace, Albert Hall Museum, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Heritage Hotels and more.


The beautiful city Udaipur is known as the ‘City of Lakes’ as it boast many of mesmerizing lakes to allure tourists in the first glance itself. Some of the noteworthy attractions of this popular destination are the City of Lakes or the City of Palaces. Lake Palace, City Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace, Shiv Niwas Palace, Jagdish Temple, Pichola Lake, Udai Sagar Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake, Monsoon Palace, Folk Art Museum, etc.


This second largest city of Rajasthan is also known as the ‘Blue City’ of India and famous for its major attractions including Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Balsamand Lake & Palace, Mandore Garden and ample of heritage hotels etc.


Situated on the edge of Thar Desert, Bikaner is also known as the ‘Camel City’ and have many elegant attractions including Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, Havelies, Sand dunes and Camel Breeding Farm & Research Centre, etc.


The ‘Golden City’ of India, Jaisalmer is one of the most sought out tourist destination in Rajasthan. The place is located in the middle of the vast Thar Desert and hence tourists have ample of options availing golden triangle tour packages. Major attractions in this city are Golden Fort, Jain Temples, Havelies, Desert national park, sand dunes and camel safari etc. Presently, this beautiful desert city has emerged as one of the most famous destinations to explore best of Rajasthan tourism.


This one of the most sought out destination of Rajasthan is globally famous for Ranthambore Tiger Reserve & National Park. The park is rich in its flora and fauna. The key attractions of the park are tigers, Ranthambore Fort, Jogi Mahal, ancient banyan tree and more.


The ‘Holy City’ of Rajashthan, Pushkar is one of the most sacred cities in India with lots of attractions like Lord Brahma Temple, Gayatri Temple, Savitri Temple, Pushkar Lake, Pushkar Palace, Rose Gardens, Pushkar Ghats, etc.

Things To Do In Romania

Romania is located in the intersection of Southeastern and Central Europe. It also shares a border with Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Serbia. Vivacious Romania is full of immense natural beauties. The mountainous and hilly Romania has an abundant gorgeous landscaping. It has many captivating water falls, vegetation, mountain peaks, national parks and many more to name a few. The natural beauty of Romania is beyond description. Magnificent Romania is molded in such a way that one cannot overlook its striking natural scenery. The rich Romanian culture and its scenic beauty give an unforgettable experience to visitors coming from across the world. After visiting Romania one will certainly have an enjoyable experience but a hiring car will make one’ happiness fourfold.

By Hiring a cars, travelers can visit a number of beautiful places, such as Berca Mud Volcanos, Biertan, Black Sea Coast, Bran Castle, Bucharest, Ceausescu’s Palace of Parliament, Fagaras mountain range, Constanta, Cycle, Maramures and Painted Monasteries etc. The driver can explain about every historical and popular place based in Romania. Visitors can ask their queries to their drivers regarding various popular places and the driver also can give satisfactory answers in a very friendly manner. On renting a car, one can enjoy each and every moment without any confusion or missing any place

As a first time visitor, if one wants a hassle free travel experience, then one will have to rent a car to make one’s journey more relaxing. Don’t forget to visit the following popular tourist spots in Romania as mentioned below:

Berca Mud-Volcanos : It is located near Buazu. Tourists can see a number of mud volcanoes and bubbling mud. It is one of the famous geological and botanical reserves in Romania.

Biertan: It is one of the Transylvania’s Saxon fortified churches that stands at the top of the hill. It has been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Ceausescu’s Palace of Parliament: It is the second largest building in the world next to the Pentagon and the most beautiful tourist place. It has 1000 rooms, including 4 restaurants, 30 saloons, 440 offices, 2 underground parking lots and 3 libraries.

By hiring a well-equipped and comfortable car, one must visit the Transylvania, which is surrounded by the Carpathians mountains. The Transylvania is famous for ski resorts, spa centers, good hotels and a great nightlife in the big cities like Cluj-Napoca, Brașov and Sibiu.

Tourists who want to visit Romania must visit the Danube Delta. Visitors will certainly gain a thrilling experience after visiting the mind-blowing scenario. Visitors will be hypnotized by the wildlife, vegetation and natural flora and fauna of the Danube Delta. It is very rare of the rarest beautiful places that exist in the world.

Peles Castle is an another impressive tourist place in Romania. An enchanting peles castle was made from large crystals. It was built in 1914 by a monarch in purpose of merrymaking. It has a number of long rooms such as the theater room, council room, arms room and living room.

There are a lot of things that a visitor never miss in Romania using rental cars. But as a first time visitor, if visitors travels without a rented car, then they will miss a lot of beautiful scenery and magnificent landscape in every moment.

While driving in Romania, the driver and the passengers should fasten their seat belts. One should always avoid using cell phones and should drive in his own light. Otherwise one may get caught by the traffic.

The experience of visiting Romania with a rental car is the most convenient way of enjoying Romania’s Scenic beauty and to store it in one’s memory for the rest of life.

Selection of Thailand Tour Package

Thailand is home to leisurely beaches, islands, cosmopolitan lifestyle and stress-busting elements contribute to wholesome vacation over here. Whether you want to spend quality time by touring Bangkok or yearn to indulge into adventure, then, this South East Asian destination is worth paying visit to. However, you ought to have handy resources those can make your tour planning convenient. In simple to comprehend terms, hiring travel agency is the very solution which will enable you to make your holidaying experience memorable. No doubt, the affluence of Bangkok gives supreme connotation of modernism yet there are multiple sites of attraction those represent heritage of Thailand.

Besides, if you want to make your tour fun-filled, then, it is ideal to take a look at available packages. Primarily, a standard Thailand tour package comprises of all the dimensions such as sightseeing, adventure, visit to exhibitions, jungle safari, leisure, optional activities and cultural probe or likewise. First of all, it should be mentioned that you must determine major aspects to unleash during vacation in this Asian country. Bangkok, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket are among the top locations of this nation. In Bangkok, there is a rich compilation of ancient marvels and modern attractions.

Wat Traimit and Wat Pho represent divine elements while shopping malls, night life in clubs and fast paced city life indicate developing infrastructure. Similarly, Phi Phi islands, Wat Chalong, Sea Gypsy village and Cape Prompthep are few of the popular places of interest in Phuket those get covered as a part of various Thailand tour packages. On the other hand, Koh Samui has been renowned among the tourists for its lavish shopping stores such as Sogo Department Store and Gaysorn Plaza along with cuisine alternatives those include appetizing sea food as well as other Thai eateries are worth paying visit to. Apart from this, Pattaya which can be reached at by driving from Bangkok has beaches, wildlife reserves and other sites of attraction which are added in the itinerary of tour packages.

Furthermore, Chiang Mai is another famous site of Thailand among its 76 provinces which boasts its cosmopolitanism. Chiang Mai International Airport is worth paying visit to. Tuk Tuk ride can be experienced while city tour is being enjoyed. It is not at all wrong to state that tour packages to Thailand have varied magnificent elements to come across. All the themed and generic travel solutions act as valuable treasure to invest on by the tourists in order to make vacation enjoyable. Duration and price structure of these tour packages differ from each other. All in all, in the present times, most of the service providers are supporting feature of ‘price on request’.

This provision enables the users to negotiate and experience enchanting tour of Thailand without exceeding their budget. Lastly, if you are visiting this South East Asian destination for the first time, then, make sure tour solutions have been selected aptly.

Things to know About Uganda Safaris Tour

If you are anxious to spend a memorable holiday and searching for the best destination, Uganda Safaris Tours could be a great option for you. It offers lots of exotic tourist spots and wonderful activities. Officially recognized as the Republic of Uganda, it offers great opportunities for those who flock to the nation for Safari holidays by offering a number of reserves and also several national parks wherein you will get a wonderful opportunity to explore some famous African landscapes. If you have great love for animal, then Uganda will be the most suitable places for you.

There are several tourist spots, attractions, and various important activities to choose from the available list at internet to make your holiday special and exciting. So, it is quite necessary for you to plan your trip in a proper way before making your way to the place.

Here are several important places that are quite popular among tourists and famous for offering a plethora of attractions.

Bwindi impenetrable national park

As the name suggests, it is known to be home to more than half of the remaining world gorilla population. Visitors who come to Uganda never miss to explore the mind blowing beauty of Bwindi and get exciting glimpses of such gorillas. Besides, the park also houses forest elephant, colobus monkey, bushbucks, baboons, chimpanzees, duikers, and more, and drew attention of many visitors. It is also known to be a hot destination for those who are excited to see different species of birds.

Murchison Falls National Park

This park lets you grab a wonderful opportunity to see varieties of animals like Ugandan kobs, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, and many more. Moreover, getting a wonderful view of falls certainly amuse you a lot, which enables you, enjoy wonderful rides and other activities.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National park is called one of the most favorite tourist spots in Uganda, sprawled over approximate 2000 sq km and surrounded by Rwenzori Mountains in the north and Lake Edward in the west. It offers enchanting locations that certainly get rid of your stress and also let you explore huge fun and joy. As far as activities are concerned, it of course offers several outstanding activities that include bird watching safaris, wildlife tours, and chimpanzee tracking.

Lake Mburo National Park

This park is called a great sanctuary of those species that are not found in other parks, these species include Burchell’s zebra, Eland, and Impala. When it comes to activities, it prompts you to engage yourself in some pleasant activities such as bird watching, fishing excursions, guided safaris and more.

Tips to keep Stress to a Minimum

The perfect vacation is every parent’s dream. It is the perfect way to get away from the rest of the world and relax. It is the ideal ending to a magical wedding. It’s the perfect way for a family to truly bond. Unfortunately, most of that bonding and that magical feeling are often gone before the vacation ever begins due to the stress that comes with planning a vacation. These five tips are guaranteed to bring back the magic as they take away the stress of planning a wonderful vacation.


Instead of planning a mediocre vacation, make sure that it is a dream come true by taking a worldwide approach. A vacation doesn’t have to be limited to a cute cabin a couple of hours away. Instead, take a worldwide approach and consider vacations all over the globe. Some people may not be able to afford Bora Bora, but Fiji is just as beautiful and more affordable. Families that take a worldwide approach will explore all the possibilities to find a dream vacation that is more affordable than ever.

Travel Agency

Travel agencies are a great idea to take some of the stress out of planning a vacation. These agencies are more than just a person to help schedule a rental car, the customer service representatives become a partner in planning the perfect vacation. This partner will help a person plan every single aspect of the vacation, from finding an affordable hotel to booking a flight and more. All the things that normally take hours to do, your partner will do in just a few minutes. Most travel agencies also work on a worldwide basis, guaranteeing that a vacation is not limited to one small section on the globe. Contact a worldwide travel agency to make sure that everything runs smoother than ever.

Start Early

Not everyone likes to work with a travel agency, but it doesn’t take a travel agency to make sure that everyone enjoys their vacation. By starting early and covering one thing at a time, a person can make sure that the entire family has a good time, that they and their partner relax on their romantic honeymoon, or that they are not stressed out as they plan the entire thing. All it takes is doing one thing at a time.

For example, one week book the flights. The next week, a partner can compare prices at different rental agencies. By tackling one thing at a time and working with a partner, things will be less stressful and it will all get done on time.

Plan for Change

Things happen. On family vacations, the kids will get hungry on long car rides and must pee. On honeymoons, there may be a tropical storm. The list of things that could possibly go wrong is endless, but that doesn’t mean that a vacation is destined to go wrong. By planning for emergencies, and having a back-up plan, everyone can make sure that their vacation is amazing, even if a few things go wrong.

Planning a vacation can be stressful, particularly for an entire family. The more people that are going on vacation, the more stressful planning it seems to be, but it isn’t destined for disaster, and the planner isn’t destined for a mental breakdown. By following these four simple tips, planners can guarantee that their vacation is amazing, and they will not feel stressed out.

A travel agency is by far the best way to take away most of that stress, but families that prefer to do things themselves can still eliminate the stress with these tips.